GAWsuit Update August 13, 2016

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Hello Everyone.

GAWsuit is progressing through the court system here in the United States, and I wanted to post a more recent update.

Both defendants were served successfully with their respective summons. The time clock is now ticking for the defendants to respond to the allegations levied in the lawsuit that was filed.

As of Friday, a motion for the lawsuit to be certified as a “class status” was filed. The court will now determine whether the conditions are in place for the lawsuit to be certified as a class action lawsuit.

I do not know the time frame for the court to make the decision on class action status, but from the flurry of activity in the past month, I do not expect the certification to take too long. Meanwhile there has been a stay of the lawsuit itself, pending the court’s reclassification of the lawsuit (certification) as a class action lawsuit. I have attached the PDF of the Mtion for Class Action Certification. If you have created a PACER account, here in the U.S., you can also view the other documents available from the lawsuit. There are now 18 items in the lawsuit file list.

Motion for Class Action Certification

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